20 Most Promising Energy Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising Energy Solution Providers - 2017

Digital technologies are evolving, and customers are swift to adopt them. Both business and consumer energy users are clear about their expectations- they want to reduce their consumption, and they know that technological controls and data analytics can help them do it. This is evident as business customers are increasingly interested in managing their energy use patterns. Manufacturers and industrial firms are monitoring heating and cooling equipment performance with intelligent sensors that can indicate malfunctions, anticipate and prevent disturbances, or signal when major maintenance is needed. Owners of commercial buildings are installing energy monitors to help gauge variations in consumption and predict future fuel requirements. Many well-known companies have announced energy efficiency targets for 2020, including Procter & Gamble (powering its plants with 100 percent renewable energy), Walmart (reducing building energy intensity by 20 percent from 2010 levels), and McDonald’s (increasing energy efficiency by 20 percent in company-owned restaurants). Not to exclude the residential sector, new energy-related technologies are also beginning to trickle down that market. The rapid proliferation of smart-home devices has drastically changed consumers' attitudes towards energy conservation more quickly than expected.

Because of the changes in customer demand, being a leading innovator in India is a much more compelling strategy than it used to be in the power and utilities sector. Over the course of time, a broader array of new technologies — analytics software and intelligent substations — are finding their way onto the ‘retailized’ power grid as utility offerings. New home and office electric power installations are coming to be known as “gateway hubs,” because they provide not just energy, but security, telecommunications links, and infotainment. These changes are happening, in part, because a group of Indian manufacturers, startups, non-traditional entrants, and venture capital funds are working to bring the technology revolution to the energy sector.

But where are they? CIOReview India answers this question and presents a list of “20 Most Promising Energy Solution Providers”. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIOReview editorial board, we believe these solution vendors can help your organization reshape the energy landscape, favoring utilities that grow beyond their traditional business model and build a market-based technology and related services portfolio.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Energy Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
AutoGrid Renders Energy Internet applications to utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers and energy service providers.
Ecolibrium Energy Specializes in Energy Management Systems, Distributed renewable generation, Demand Side Management, Energy Trading Analytics, and Cloud Hosted EMS.
E-cube Energy Trading Develops tools & algorithms that make Energy Efficiency Simple, Scale-able and Sustainable.
Eq-Comp A calculation tool for hydrocarbon/ oil and natural gas industry that specializes in Bubble Point Temperature Calculation, Two Phase Composition Calculation, and VLE Calculator Software.
ETAP Automation Delivers comprehensive enterprise solution for generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage power systems.
Greenovative Energy Solutions Specializes in Energy Management Solutions, Wireless Data Logging, Energy Audits to optimize energy usage across Industrial, Commercial, institutional and Infrastructure facilities.
GreenSync Solutions Avails environmentally sustainable solutions & services for Power Plant Design and Optimization.
igrenEnergi Creates disruptive products to optimize generation, conversion, storage of energy and enable smart grid interactions.
Innowatts Focused on building a scalable, ML-enabled Retail Energy Platform that transforms the way energy is bought, sold and consumed.
Palantir Economic Solution Specializes in Petroleum Economics, Economic and Financial Forecasting Software, Business Planning and Upstream Portfolio Management.
Petro IT Builds software solutions supporting the build-out, maintenance and operations of oil, gas and energy assets.
Powercon Ventures India Offers a complete 360-degree Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service for Renewable Energy assets with varied makes, models, capacities and technologies.
PowerOne Data Software Research Technology provider focused on building the next generation of energy control and automation platform for commercial and residential applications.
Pyrumas Software Implements custom-made IT services and solutions for Power & Water Distribution Management using SCADA.
Secutech Automation Operates in domains of Integrated & Converged Technologies(ICT), Life Safety & Security (LSS), and Open Building Integration of Security & Control Automation (OBISCA).
Sunsine Solution Engaged in developing solutions such as Smart Solar Power Generator / Inverter, Digital Panel Meters and Energy Software Solutions.
Urjanet Specializes in Utility Bill Data, Utility Bill Management, Interval Data, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Utility Data, Data Integration, Energy Data, and Data Normalization.
WindSim Limited Pioneered the use of CFD technology to optimize wind turbine placement, WindSim designs software and professional services to build wind farms.
Wysine Technologies Provides energy, water and carbon management solutions for industries, commercial buildings and private homes.