Greenovative Energy Solutions- For Customized Cross-Industry Energy Analytics and Optimization Solut

CIO Vendor For businesses, energy is a major operating cost. Energy usage analysis has become the de facto approach that provides users with the means to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy-related costs. Relative to this, benchmarking too can reveal inefficiencies and isolate key contributing factors, helping to identify the right places to target improvement projects that won’t have a negative impact on business or users. Established in the year 2011, Greenovative Energy Solutions has made its way from a start up to a globally operated and an ISO 50001 certified organization with the clear vision to transform the way people monitor and analyze the energy consumption. The company works towards monitoring and optimizing the energy usage across industrial, commercial, institutional & infrastructure facilities.

Greenovative avails three types of solutions- Desktop based system, Server based system and Cloud based system. Greenovative’s clients unlike their competitors are assisted with server based systems. This enables them to utilize their existing IT infrastructure without requiring installing new systems for Greenovative’s solutions. The company puts to use client’s existing LAN networks, gateways etc. for deployments thereby reducing the overall project cost for implementation. “Unlike other vendors who try to fit in their products and software into the clients’ system, we provide the customized solution to help solve the client’s problems” explains Vinit Kulkarni, Director, Greenovative.

Complying to the ISO 50001 Energy Consumption Regulations
ISO 50001 is a voluntary International Standard developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to enable organizations with an internationally recognized framework to manage and improve their energy performance. Greenovative’s Energy Management Platform, GreenErgy, fully complies with the main objective of ISO 50001 standards to
continuously improve energy consumption performance and efficiency to identify energy reduction opportunities. This systematic approach helps organization to establish practices and processes for improved energy management.GreenErgy is a real time data acquisition, analysis and reporting software for effective energy management in the electrical system. It is designed to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, generate records & optimize the energy usage to reduce the cost.

Collaborating with the Indian Ministry of Textiles Greenovative has integrated 23 textile plants across India onto the company’s platform

Moreover, Greenovative’s Wireless Data Monitoring System is so crafted that unavailability of network, moves the recorded data to be stored locally in the hardware itself. The data is pushed to the server once the network connectivity is back online. Collaborating with the Indian Ministry of Textiles Greenovative has integrated 23 textile plants across India onto the company’s platform.

The Energy Management Solution Provider has proudly earned the ISO50001 certifier confidence and therefore provides its clients with all-underone-roof services to help them comply and achieve the certification. Greenovative’s flexibility to provide customizations for customers to cater every specific need at no additional cost is what differentiates the company in the present competitive market. Vinit assured more innovations from Greenovative in the years to come while practicing highest flexibility, excellence and customer satisfaction as the core values.