NeoSilica : Addressing Energy Management across Utilities with IIoT & Cloud Based Solutions

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 24 November 2016, 05:55 IST

In today’s evolving world, managing and reducing energy consumption – not only saves money but also helps in mitigating climate change and enhancing corporate reputation. The primary objective of energy management is to achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and consumption throughout the organization, and the process helps in minimizing energy cost and mitigating environmental effect. Despite the manifold technical opportunities, the consumers and utilities have so far been slow to invest in the most cost-effective, energy-efficient technologies available. The energy efficiency of buildings, electric equipment, and appliances in use falls far short of what is technically attainable and thus energy analysts have attributed this efficiency gap to a variety of market, institutional, technical, and behavioral constraints. Accomplishing energy management across utilities, renewables, buildings, communities and cities is – Hyderabad-based NeoSilica that combines field IIoT hardware and enterprise software to cater user-centric products, for energy conservation for commercial and large residential customers, with potential Utility integration. 

Driven by World Class Innovation, Vision and Commitment for a Greener and Cooler Planet; NeoSilica renders highly scalable utility solutions (scalable to millions of meters or field data points) like Meter Data Acquisition and Management, Demand Response and Peak Load Management, Renewable Integration and integrated portals that are already integrated with wide range of meter companies, supporting a variety of field communications. “Leading the first Smart Grid implementation in India in Pondicherry Pilot Project, with Power Grid Corporation, the quick success in 2012 triggered the 14 Smart Grid projects in India. Later, NeoSilica has proven in large scale implementation with Tata Power (Mumbai), with L&T Meters, and Cyan RF.” says Satyam Bheemarasetti, Founder& CEO of NeoSilica. 

Built for multi-utility approach, based on prior US experience, across electric, water and gas utilities; NeoSilica’s solutions are delivered separately or together for various utilities, as well as expanded for Smart City functions. Company provides complete energy management solutions based on latest IIoT HW, Cloud-based enterprise software and integrated Analytics platform for smart buildings & solar plants, which are field configurable by end users with no special training. On the demand side, for an organization with one or more buildings/industries, NeoSilica’s solutions provide insight and control of total energy usage efficiently based on supply mix (Grid with different ToD rates, Local Generation such as rooftop solar and DG, Open Access), and reduce losses or wastage, thereby enabling the management to achieve targeted savings and conservation in a visible and sustainable manner. 

Energy Management for Smart Buildings and Communities
Scalable from individual office areas to entire building, community or even multiple buildings spread across the country/globe; Building Energy Management Solutions of NeoSilica (for commercial and industrial establishments) are running successfully at 5-star hotels, industry campuses & data centers and have proved out to be successful installations with energy savings from 10-30 percent. The solutions include monitoring of energy, water and gas, at short intervals helping the facility managers to plug leakages or wastage and ensure savings on a daily basis. With integrated controls, NeoSilica BEMS aids controlling the key loads such as AC and Lighting in commercial and industrial establishments.

NeoSilica’s energy solutions for Buildings work in sync with Utility DR (Demand Response) and DSM (Demand Side Management) solutions to assist Utilities balance demand supply gaps and save billions of rupees on power purchase during peak load periods. Moving ahead, NeoSilica’s Grid Responsive BEMS solutions for buildings and Auto DR for utilities together provide a cost effective solution for Demand Response across a City or even at DISCOM level. NeoSilica’s residential energy gateways can be used along with Utility DR to reduce blackouts (outages) for consumers and cater best savings by minimizing use of inverters and diesel generators (DG).

Driving Energy Management with SCADA 
Generation Management and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solution of NeoSilica for Solar plants provides critical insight into the generation performance and equipment alerts, apart from a configurable Reporting and Analysis framework, leading to increased plant utilization and generation. “The prestigious 10MW Canal Top Solar Plant at Vadodara (on Narmada canal) uses NeoSilica’s Solar SCADA solution for increased performance and plant availability.” adds Satyam.

Success Story and the Road Ahead
Established in 2007, NeoSilica marks its success triumph with the development of fourth generation platform for Green IT solutions that is expected to revolutionize the way energy is used, distributed and managed on the planet. Proudly representing as Made in India, the company aims to become the Global leader in Green IT, and thus proposes to assist companies achieve energy conservation, loss reduction and eventual efficiencies from organization to city levels. Moreover, with emerging vision for Smart Cities in India and across the world, NeoSilica plans to play increased role with its “right fit” solutions for different stakeholders.