Esyasoft : Smart Solutions to Empower Energy Utilities

CIOReview Team

According to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), India’s apex power sector planning body, India’s per capita electricity consumption has reached 1010 kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 2014-15, compared to 957 kWh in 2013-14 and 914.41 kWh in 2012-13. This rise is pressurizing the existing grids to deliver growing demand for power, as well as dispense a stable and sustainable supply of electricity. Besides, substantial and sustained economic growth is also placing enormous demand on its energy resources as well as on the grid infrastructure; making the demand and supply imbalance in energy sources pervasive. As a consequence of smart evolution, the utilities today are struggling to address the issue of exploding data and looking for solutions to develop competencies to forecast demand and plan generation. Furnishing an integrated platform for the deployment of business intelligence and insightful analytical solutions is Bangalore based Esyasoft Technologies that enables power distribution companies to efficiently manage the demand and supply of consumers.

Established with the vision to nurture smart solutions for the connected world; Esyasoft stretches a multidimensional support to utilities for supporting future business operations in an efficient manner. “The Intelligent Smart Grid Platform has been developed with an understanding of the issues faced by utilities and a back-end team of seasoned analytics professionals and domain experts,” says Bipin Chandra, Founder & CEO, EsyaSoft Technologies.

Integrated Platform for Smart Energy Utilities
EsyaSoft collaborates with leading utilities, OEMs, Government Agencies and System integrators to make real time decisions based on actionable insights, while ensuring security for data and infrastructure. The company offers high degree of skills, IPs and domain expertise across a set of focused areas that include Analytics , IT Services, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Management and Consulting. The industry experts of Esyasoft work closely with the customers to identify fraud and build machine learning algorithms to enable them to stay ahead of theft. “Our blend of expertise in big data technologies and machine learning techniques saves the project execution time and cost, thus ensuring better success rate,” adds Bipin. Leveraging industry expertise of its leadership team, Esyasoft accomplishes a sundry of solutions for utilities such as Meter Data Management, Peak Load Management with Demand Response, Energy Audit, Metering, Billing and Collection, Mobility Solutions, Big Data Analytics and GIS to name a few.

Esyasoft recognizes the main challenge of variability faced in renewable integration and thus renders its forecasting solution for timely and economical demand & supply management. The solution is a data-intensive discipline that ingests data from a multitude of sources and creates an Analytical DataMart. Adding to the list is Esyasoft’s innovative mobility based metering billing and collection solution for revenue protection, with integrated GIS (geographic information system) application that ensures all meters are accounted for and billed accurately which is essential for maximizing revenue recovery.

Moving ahead, Esyasoft understands the challenges of reducing outages and shortening restoration times in the area of power distribution and therefore, practices predictive maintenance to produce interpretable information to understand the implications of events, enabling personnel to take action based on the implications. The solution is implemented around statistically driven method, for condition monitoring based on various transformer characteristics. With real time motoring of transformer characteristic along with predictive insights decision-makers can take various operational decisions with utmost confidence.

Further, Esyasoft believes that to realize the key benefits of implementing smart technologies, utility companies need to design and implement Demand Response programs that enable customers to contribute to energy load reduction during times of peak demand. So the company enables uniform distribution of load across the day through its solutions, thereby saving additional investment in capacity addition and improved access to power. “Our solution also includes a demand response portal that provides information with respect to DR programs, their savings and events they participated in and other information as shared by utilities,” claims Bipin.

Pioneers of Smart Grid Solution
With all the machine learning algorithms working on its side, Esyasoft enjoys better control over the entire operations of Utilities and thus the clients implementing analytics-based fraud detection application can expect to experience a significant raise in the revenue collection. Esyasoft presently pioneers in deploying an end to end smart grid solution with successful implementations of Smart Grid Suite and also setting up of Smart Grid Control Center integrated with R-APDRP applications for Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company, Mysore (A Government of Karnataka Undertaking); thereby enabling India’s first smart grid. Talking about achievements of the company, Bipin further talks about the transformation of the Energy Sector carried out by company through RAPDRP in the Indian State of Kerala to help achieve on time and bug free delivery for RAPDRP software.

With the future endeavor to provide analytics as a service in a cloud based platform; Esyasoft aims to furnish ready to use, cost effective digitized solutions by avoiding data center set ups and other hardware costs. Further, the company leverages the deep understanding of the gaps in the energy & utility segment and looks forward to change the current scenario with its robust solutions in the near future.